Students interested in the field of psychology will find plenty of opportunity all around the state of Nebraska. There are a number of psychology schools and graduate programs within the state, each allowing students to pursue their dreams of working in this popular field. The University of Nebraska offers a leading psychology department, one that has been educating future psychologists for over 120 years.

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Of course, in order to eventually practice psychology within Nebraska, students will have to plan on getting licensed after their education is complete. Nebraska, like all other states, demands that psychologists become licensed through a series of steps prior to working with patients.

Licensing for Psychologists in Nebraska

Once licensed, psychologists in Nebraska are able to provide a variety of services and treatments. Some of those services are as follows:

  • Provide one on one or group therapy to adults with various issues such as depression or anxiety
  • Work with companies to help their employees perform better on the job
  • Help students cope with the stresses and challenges of school

Nebraska Licensing Authority

Anyone wishing to obtain a psychology license in the state of Nebraska must work with the Licensure Department of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. This governing body approves or denies license applications based on a specific set of criteria.

The process for obtaining a Nebraska psychology license is as follows:

Earn a doctoral degree from a graduate program that meets the standards of accreditation set by the American Psychological Association

Complete two years of approved supervised professional experience comprised of a one-year internship and a year (minimum 1,500 hours) of postdoctoral experience

Pass the national standardized psychology exam and score 80% or higher on a board-developed jurisprudence exam

Be considered to have good moral character

Licensing Exams for Psychology in Nebraska

There are two exams that must be passed before a license in psychology can be earned in the state of Nebraska – the EPPP exam (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology), and the Board-Developed exam.

Recognized Psychology Specializations in Nebraska

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Neuroscience and Behavior

Specialization Requirements

  • Meet all standard licensing requirements

License Renewal

  • 24 hours of continuing education within a two-year window
Nebraska Licensure Resources

Nebraska Employment Trends and Salary Information for Psychologists

Growth and Employment Rate for Psychologists in Nebraska vs. Nationwide

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists

Nationwide 11%

Nebraska 10.3%

Psychologists, Other Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Nebraska 18.4%

Number Clinical, Counseling, & School Psychologists and Psychologists, Other employed 2014

Nationwide 115,810

Nebraska 510

Psychologist Earnings in Nebraska vs. Nationwide

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists   Psychologist , Other


Median Wage Annually





Median Wage Annually





Median Wage Hourly





Lowest 10% yearly wage





Highest 10% yearly wage




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