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Who We Are

We’re education enthusiasts who believe students who want to pursue a degree and career in mental health and psychology deserve to have access to the tools and resources they need to forge their path and meet their goals. We combine the talents of our dedicated writers and researchers with the valuable knowledge of our expert contributors to bring you the most current and comprehensive information on psychology trends, issues, education and careers.

What We Do

At Learn Psychology, it is our goal to engage and inform by providing well-written, in-depth information, resources, and data for those interested in pursuing a degree in psychology and other mental health professions. To achieve this goal, we use only reliable, tested data and expert knowledge to offer accurate and up-to-date information about education and career options within the field of psychology, along with trends in psychology and mental health, to help our visitors make well-informed decisions regarding their education and future professions.

Our Team

Dan Schuessler Founder

Before starting Learn Psychology, Dan worked as an analyst for Intel. He has a passion for analyzing education trends and statistics and works tirelessly to support higher education, affordability and accreditation. Dan is a graduate of Cal Poly University.

Wes Ricketts Vice President

Wes earned his master’s degree in history and international relations in 2006, book-ended by teaching stints at the elementary and college levels, respectively. He entered the content side of post-secondary education as an editor in 2007. Wes built upon his editorial experience to become Director of Web Content at one of Silicon Valley’s largest higher education publishers.

Kristin Marino Editorial Director

Kristin Marino has ten years of editorial experience. She has written and edited education and health content for numerous publications, including MSN and Yahoo, and has managed several education websites. She holds a BA in English composition with a minor in sociology from University of Nevada, Reno.

Featured Expert Contributors

A. Michele Tedder Behavioral Health and Nursing Education Expert

Michele was employed for 18 years at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh, PA., one of the largest behavioral health care providers in the country and affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. During her tenure, Michele held positions as a nurse clinician in the emergency room, a clinical nurse specialist for Services for Teens at Risk (STAR), an outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of adolescents suffering from depression and suicide, and the Project Coordinator for an outreach program called Reaching out to Adolescents with Depression (ROAD).


Nancy Wilde holds a doctorate in clinical psychology with specialization in neuropsychology. She currently works as a private consultant offering her research, statistics and psychology expertise. Her past experience includes appointments as a clinical psychologist, research psychologist, neuropsychologist and university faculty member.


Melissa Newberry holds a PhD in applied psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She specializes in applied social psychology, research methodology and program evaluation. Dr. Newberry currently works as a Senior Research and Evaluation Analyst.

Featured Content Contributors
Shannon Lee Research and Content Development

Shannon Lee is a novelist and journalist who has been writing professionally for two decades on medical and health issues, education, and relationships.

Jon Fortenbury Research and Content Development

Jon Fortenbury is an award-winning writer who covers health, education and culture. His work has appeared in many publications, including Psychology Today, The Atlantic and USA Today. He tends to gravitate toward underreported or misunderstood demographics, like young adults with cancer or people with mental illness.