With less than 600,000 total residents, Wyoming has the smallest population of any state in the Union. However, there are still a number of great educational opportunities to be found in this rural state, including opportunities in the study of psychology. Graduate psychology students at the University of Wyoming, for example, have the opportunity to learn hands-on at a psychology clinic where they conduct assessment and treatment of patients under the direct supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist.

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Practicing psychology in Wyoming means not only completing an education in this field, but also meeting a number of other licensure requirements. Only when all of the steps for licensure have been met will an individual be able to receive a state-endorsed licensed.

Wyoming Psychology Licensing

Those who are currently licensed to practice psychology in Wyoming are able to provide a number of services and treatments to their patients. Those treatments include the following:

  • Working with organizations and businesses to help improve the overall mental health of their teams
  • Offering individual therapy to diagnose and treat conditions such as anxiety and depression
  • Providing group therapy sessions which enable individuals with like conditions to be treated together

Obtaining a Psychology License in Wyoming

It is the job of the Wyoming Board of Psychology to ensure that all who practice psychology in this state are sufficiently qualified to do so. Toward that end, anyone hoping to hold a license will need to complete a series of steps that have been laid out by the Board in order to prove their qualification.

The outline of the licensing process in the state of Wyoming is as follows:

Finish a doctoral degree from an APA-accredited institution

Perform two full-time years of supervised work experience

Pass the EPPP exam

Complete and submit the application, including paying fees and providing references

Psychology Licensing Exams in Wyoming

To be considered for licensure in Wyoming, an applicant must pass the EPPP, which is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

Wyoming Recognized Psychology Specializations

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology

Specialization Requirements

  • Meet the existing requirements for holding a psychology license in Wyoming, plus any special education or experience required for specific area of practice

License Renewal

  • Compile 30 hours of continuing education every two years
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Wyoming Psychologist Salary and Employment Trends

Employment and Growth Rate for Wyoming Psychologists vs. Nationwide

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Wyoming 10.6%

Psychologists, Other Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Wyoming n/a

Number Clinical, Counseling, & School Psychologists and Psychologists, Other employed 2014

Nationwide 115,810

Wyoming 250

Nationwide Earnings for Psychologists Compared to Wyoming

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists   Psychologist , Other


Median Wage Annually





Median Wage Annually





Median Wage Hourly





Lowest 10% yearly wage





Highest 10% yearly wage




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