Students in Oklahoma who are interested in working in the field of psychology have a number of schools and graduate programs to consider. With more than 1,200 people across the state already employed in this potentially lucrative career, it is easy to see why so many educational institutions include psychology in their degree programs.

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It is not legal within the state of Oklahoma to simply open up a psychology practice and start seeing patients. Instead, anyone hoping to practice psychology must be licensed through the proper government channels. The process of licensing can be time consuming and challenging, but it ensures that only qualified individuals are working in this important field.

Psychology Licensing in Oklahoma

Once licensed, there is a wide-variety of services and treatments that a psychologist in Oklahoma can offer. Those services include the following:

  • Create treatment plans to help individuals dealing with behavioral problems
  • Offer individual and group therapy sessions to address issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Work with entire businesses to train their employees on topics such as emotional health

Oklahoma Psychology Licensing Authority

In order to acquire a license, prospective psychologists will need to go through the Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. It is the responsibility of this board to ensure that only qualified individuals provide psychological treatment to patients within the state.

The following steps will need to be completed in order to be eligible for a license.

Earn a doctoral-level degree in the study of psychology from an APA-accredited institution

Complete two years of supervised practice prior to applying for licensure

Provide the Board with three references from licensed psychologists

Pass two written examinations

Complete all of the necessary paperwork and submit any relevant fees with the application

Licensing Exams Required in Oklahoma

Two exams must be passed in order to be eligible for an Oklahoma psychology license – the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), and the Jurisprudence Examination. To pass the EPPP, a score of 500 or better must be attained.

Oklahoma Recognized Psychology Specializations

  • Clinical Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • General Psychology

Specialization Requirements

  • Supervised practice must include experience relevant to desired specialization

License Renewal

  • Earn 20 credits of continuing education, including 3 in ethics, to renew license for the next year
Oklahoma Licensure Resources

Oklahoma Psychologist Salary and Employment Trends

Growth and Employment Rate in Oklahoma for Psychologists vs. Nationwide Data

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Oklahoma 8.8%

Psychologists, Other Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Oklahoma 7.0%

Number Clinical, Counseling, & School Psychologists and Psychologists, Other employed 2014

Nationwide 115,810

Oklahoma 1,220

Nationwide Earnings for Psychologists Compared to Oklahoma

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists   Psychologist , Other


Median Wage Annually





Median Wage Annually





Median Wage Hourly





Lowest 10% yearly wage





Highest 10% yearly wage




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