There are a number of quality universities and graduate schools in the “Big Sky” state of Montana which offer psychology programs. Psychology is a popular field of study for both undergraduate and graduate students, as an education in psychology can lead to a variety of attractive career paths. As a testament to the popularity of this field, both Montana State University and the University of Montana offer fully-accredited Psychology departments.

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Beyond education, those hoping to work in the psychology field will also have to become licensed in the state of Montana. The Montana Board of Psychologists is responsible for those licenses, and there is a specific set of standards and requirements set forward that must be met in order to obtain a license successfully.

Montana Psychologist Licensing

Once licensed, a psychologist working in the state of Montana is permitted to provide certain services. The allowable functions of a Montana psychologist include the following:

  • Administer tests and assessments to diagnose conditions
  • Provide a variety of therapy options including behavioral, interpersonal, and cognitive therapy
  • Help people cope with difficult situations in life, such as overcoming addictions

Who Issues Licenses in Montana?

As mentioned above, the Montana Board of Psychologists is the body that issues licenses to practice psychology in the state. This board falls under the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.

Steps to earn licensure in Montana as a psychologist include:

Doctorate in psychology from accredited institution meeting standards of American Psychological Association

Two years of supervised experience in psychology field under the direction of qualified professionals

Examples of psychological work provided to the Montana Board of Psychologists for analytical review

Detailed and comprehensive application that meets approval of the Montana Board of Psychologists

National standardized and administered written examination specific to competency in psychological assessments

Rigorous oral examination administered by Montana Board of Psychologists

Other Licensing Requirements
  • Work experience to include a year of residency training at the educational institution where doctoral degree was awarded

Psychology Licensing Exams in Montana

Those applying for a psychology license in Montana must pass the national written exam along with an oral exam given by the Montana Board of Psychologists.

Montana Psychology Specializations

  • General Psychology
  • Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Specialization Requirements

  • Meet all other licensing requirements
  • Fulfill expectations specific to the specialized field of practice

License Renewal

  • Obtain 40 continuing education credits during the period of two consecutive calendar years
Licensure Resources for Montana

Salary and Employment Trends for Psychologists in Montana

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Montana 12.2%

Psychologists, Other Growth 2012-2022

Nationwide 11%

Montana 12.5%

Number psychologists employed 2014 (all types)

Nationwide 115,810

Montana 430

Montana Psychologists Earnings Compared to Nationwide Averages

Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists   Psychologist , Other  


Median Wage Annually






Median Wage Annually






Median Wage Hourly






Lowest 10% yearly wage






Highest 10% yearly wage





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