It’s the nature of human existence that some issues, such as violence and grief, will always be a part of the human experience in some form. What changes over time is our understanding and awareness of these age-old issues, and how we choose to address them as we learn more about them. Beyond that, there are crucial aspects of these issues that are unique to modern times, especially as technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We have created the following guides because we understand these topics are of vital importance to mental health professionals as they continually strive to discover new ways to deal with them.

Featured Contributors
Andrew Faas

Andrew Faas is a management advisor and senior executive with Canada’s two largest retail organizations and now heads the Faas Foundation which focuses on health care, education and medical research. He has made bullying in the workplace a passion and helping prevent it a reason for being. Faas is a philanthropist and author of “The Bully’s Trap – the definitive guide to creating psychologically safe workplaces.”

Heather Bass, LCPC

Heather Bass, LCPC has been a licensed psychotherapist for 15 years and has worked specifically with grief for the past 10 years.

Jonathan Fast

Jonathan Fast is an Associate Professor at Wurzweiler School of Social Work of Yeshiva University in New York and an internationally-prominent authority on mass shootings and school violence. His research focuses on the developmental process by which people come to be violent. He is the author of eight novels and two books of non-fiction: the highly-acclaimed “Ceremonial Violence,” which presents a new way of understanding school rampage shootings; and “Beyond Bullying: Ending the Cycle of Bullying, Shame and Violence,”which will be published this month by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Marlene Seltzer

Marlene Seltzer, M.D., is an obstetrician-gynecologist and the director No Bullying Live Empowered (NoBLE) Center, at Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak.

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